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Welcome to The Lizard Lounge! You have come to the right place to learn all about lizards. This site is dedicated to bringing you information about both pet lizards and wild lizards.

Our information for lizards as pets contains everything you need to take care of them; lizards diet, lizards cage, lighting, temperature, and more.

We also have a lot of reading material about wild lizards; lizards habitat, behaviors, anatomy (like the famous lizards tail!), physical appearance, and more.

Lizard Information

Visit our Lizard Library to learn more about the care of lizards and feeder insects. If you are looking for care information for a particular lizard species, start at our Lizard Caresheets. We also have articles regarding lizard care in general, covering nutrition, enclosures, lizard breeding, diseases and more.

Lizard Pictures

Find lizard photos of all different species in the Gallery. Pictures of feeder insects and other foods for lizards are also available for viewing. You can also email us your pictures to be put up in the Lizard Gallery. See our Lounge Help for more information.  

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