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Cockroach Care Sheet

Cockroaches make excellent carnivorous lizard food, especially for larger lizards. Their bigger size makes bigger meals, allowing your lizard to get its nutritional requirements from less individual insects.

Food & Water

Cockroaches will eat most food items. The best diet for them would be healthy foods such as bran, oat or wheat flakes, coupled with fruits and vegetables like apple, banana, carrots and sweet potato. These foods will also efficiently gut-load your cockroaches for feeding to your lizards.

Like crickets, cockroaches may drown if a bowl of water is used. Soak cotton wool or a sponge in water and place on a tray. Change and clean the sponge daily.

Lighting, Temperature & Humidity

You will have to keep the temperature of your cockroach habitat around 77 degrees F, because most cockroaches originate from sub-tropical to tropical regions.

Housing for your Cockroaches

A large plastic container with a VERY tight fitting lid is required. Cockroaches are excellent climbers, and infestation of your house is always a possibility. Many people refuse to keep and feed cockroaches to their lizards just to avoid infestation. Make sure the lid can be secured, and the mesh is very fine. Use a peat moss substrate with a lot of hide boxes and other objects on the floor.
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