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Lizard Circulatory System

Lizards are quite unique in the fact that they are cold-blooded. Lizards need to regulate their body temperature through their external environment, as they do not have the biological means to do so internally. This is why you need to supply basking spots and ranges of temperatures when keeping pet lizards.

The lizard circulatory system is very interesting. Lizards have a three-chambered heart. Their heart consists of two aortas, two atria and a variably partitioned ventricle. Their heart mixes oxygenated and deoxygenated blood, the degree of which varies from species to species and by their current physiological state.

The ventricles in a lizards heart share oxygen back and forth in a constant exchange, but the division of the ventricles vary. However, the hearts atrium is always separated into two chambers; left and right. Their heart allows for the redirection of blood to the body or the lungs allowing for better thermoregulation.

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