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Lizard Limbs

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Different types of lizards have different body types. This is apparent by just looking at different species. Whether your lizard is ground dwelling, lives in trees, or swims, their limbs will all be different.

Terrestrial / Ground Dwelling

Lizards that live on the ground have large, heavy feet. Their legs are short and powerfully built. In many cases, terrestrial lizards dig and bury into the ground, and their large feet and sharp talons are suited for this action.

Examples: Frilled Dragon, Berber Skink, Blue Tongue Skink

Arboreal / Tree Dwelling

Climbing species have complex, multi-jointed legs. The bones in their legs are normally relatively fragile. They require higher amounts of vitamins, especially calcium, as they develop. Arboreal lizards have large feet, and large toes with long, curved claws for gripping branches.

Examples: Veiled Chameleon, Panther Chameleon, Green Anole

Aquatic / Water Dwelling

Water dwelling lizards have short but very strong legs, and webbing in-between their toes which enables them to swim quickly and efficiently. The tails of these lizards are also adapted to assist in swimming. Remember, Aquatic lizards are actually only semi-aquatic, and live on both land and in the trees as well.

Examples: Chinese Water Dragon


Most Geckos have developed lamellae on their feet. These are small hooked projections that enable the Gecko to 'stick' onto most smooth surfaces.


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