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Lizard Hibernation

Lizards must get heat from external means, as they do not create internal heat. The animals that do this are classified as ectothermic, and referred to as being 'cold-blooded'. Lizards that live in regions with cold winters need to find warmer conditions to stay in during that time.

Do lizards hibernate?

Yes they do, but not all. Some lizards migrate to warmer climates, but most rely on hibernation to survive. One advantage to both is that by being ectothermic and by hibernating, their need for food is greatly diminished. Hibernation is essentially a numbness felt by lizards caused by the cold.

Where do lizards hibernate?

Lizards will find a small crevice or hole to stay in, often in rocks or tree trunks. In some cases, lizards have been observed hibernating in groups as well. Lizards that live in mountainous regions will move to lower areas when the weather gets cold.

In areas where the weather is hot and dry, particularly deserts, lizards will find deep burrows to get away from the heat. This is called estivation, and is not the same as hibernation.


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