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Monitor Temperament

In the wild, Monitors are quite aggressive. They know their size and they use it to their advantage, whether it be for intimidating prey or scaring off predators.

When a Monitor lizard is angry, it will whip its tail around in an attempt to hit its target. If you are hit by a swinging tail, it will most likely cause bad bruising. A lot of force and the monitors natural strength is utilized when swinging their tails. Your monitor may also attempt to bite. You must be extra careful around their mouths as a bite from a monitor will most likely require a visit to the hospital for stitches.

Monitors in captivity may still have their wild side in them, but with proper care and handling, Monitors can be trained. In some cases, Monitors have been seen trained to the level of a dog, with some even listening to commands. It is not uncommon for your Monitor to get tamer with age as well.



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