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Shedding Skin

Every lizard keeper knows that lizards shed their skin. Snakes also shed, but it normally comes off in a single layer. Lizards shed their skin in patches, with small pieces coming off one by one.

Each lizard will have different intervals between periods of shedding, based on size, growth rate, and environmental conditions. When it comes time to shed, the color of your lizards skin will get dull, and small white patches will appear over their bodies.

Your lizard will rub its body against objects in their habitat with the top layer of old skin coming off in pieces. They will also tear pieces off with their mouths, and in most cases eat the skin. Eating the skin is quite normal and is actually healthy, as the old skin does contain vitamins that your lizard can use.

If your lizard has difficulty shedding skin it is most likely due to environmental conditions. Increase the humidity in the habitat to make the air 'wet', which should soften the old skin and make pulling it off easier. If there are pieces of skin which have been on your lizards body for a long time, it can cause skin necrosis.



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