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Breeding Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers are also an excellent source of food for lizards. They are more suitable for larger lizards though, and require more work to keep.


An aquarium with a screen top is suitable for housing. Make sure it is at least 20" x 20" x 16". You want to make sure there is good ventilation for breeding purposes. Do not remove the entire top to get them out. Grasshoppers are excellent jumpers and will escape if the top is off. You should make a small door in the screen that will allow your hand to go through. Make sure to clean the feces and other waste frequently as it builds up. Give the grasshoppers items for climbing as well, mainly to get them spread out, and not cramped in the habitat.

Food & Water

Feed them grass or wheat, enriched with a calcium or multi-vitamin supplement. Most of their water will come from the food they eat. You can also give them fruits and vegetables, and follow the gut-loading regimen like when breeding crickets.


Make a seperate area for egg laying. Use a mulch type substrate. When the grasshoppers lay their eggs, transfer them to a seperate container, and replace the mulch substrate.


Keep the temperature of the grasshopper habitat within 83 degrees F and 95 degrees F. Use a heating pad 24 hours a day, and an incandescent bulb during the daylight hours.


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