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Breeding Mice

For larger lizards, a supply of baby and middle sized mice is an excellent secondary food source.


Mice do not need a lot of room to live comfortably, and to stay healthy. A 12" x 18" enclosure should suffice for a good breeding 'family'; a family being 1 male, 4 - 6 females, and their offspring. These are also good numbers to follow as a maximum of mice to keep in the same enclosure. More mice means more offspring, which results in stress on the mothers. For a substrate, wood chips or other mulch type bedding works best. You must remember to clean the enclosure frequently, as mice droppings will quickly pile up. Keep the temperature of the room the mice are kept around 65 degrees F.

Food & Water

Do not feed the mice table scraps. Some vegetables, fruits and grains are alright once in a while. You will want their main diet to consist of specially prepared Mice feed, available in your local pet store.


On average, the mother will give birth to 6 - 12 babies. There is a gestation period of about 20 days. Mice will be able to reproduce again almost immediately (1 day) after giving birth. Replace the breeding mice after 1 year.


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