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Feeding Herbivorous Lizards

When feeding a herbivorous lizard, make sure you use a large, heavy bowl. Bowls made of clay or heavy glass is best. Small, lightweight plastic bowls can tip and spill the food, especially if you have a larger lizard. Their main food supply will be fruit and vegetables, but rice and other grains can be offered as well.

When feeding your lizards grassy or leafy vegetables, you can lay them on the floor of the habitat as well. Make sure to place food in several locations if you have several lizards, to avoid them fighting with each other.

During the warmer months, fruits and vegetables are more abundant, and more ripe. This in turn means the food is more nutritious. During the colder months, or if your herbivorous lizards seem to be ill, make sure to add a multi-vitamin supplement to their food. Slowly increase the amount of vitamins you offer with each feeding. Lizards find their food based on a number of things, one of which is smell. Adding these supplements will change the scent of the food, often times turning the lizard away.

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