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Feeding Lizards Frozen Prey

In most cases when feeding lizards frozen prey, the food animal will be mice, pinkie mice, or baby rats. There are a couple reasons to keep frozen mice on hand. If you buy in bulk you can get the food at a cheaper price, and freezing animals for 25 - 30 days kills off all potential parasites. You should be able to keep the prey in the freezer for 4 to 6 months before it spoils.

Even though the prey is kept frozen, feeding lizards cold prey is detrimental to their health. With lizards being ectothermic, or cold-blooded, the consumption of cold or partially frozen food lowers their internal temperature. You must warm up the frozen food before feeding lizards the prey. Soaking the food in warm water for a while will do be sufficient, but make sure they are completely unthawed and warmed to be above room temperature.

The risk of lowering your lizards body temperature is not the only reason for warming the food either. Lizards in the wild naturally eat warm food and are accustomed to this by nature. Lizards in captivity still react to prey in similar ways, and warm food tends to attract the lizard by scent.

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