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Food Types for Carnivorous Lizards

There are many different types of food to feed to your carnivorous lizards. Listed here are a few of the main choices.


Crickets are the main food source for carnivorous lizards, and the main meat source for omnivorous lizards. Since crickets are going to be the most commonly eaten food, it is important to make sure that they are nutritionally loaded before feeding your lizards. In the crickets enclosure, feed them fruits and vegetables with high nutritional value. You should also dust the crickets with a multi-vitamin supplement. When feeding lizards crickets, drop them into your lizards habitat and let them run free. You want to encourage your lizards to hunt normally, and not get into the habit of waiting for you to hand feed them. You should not place more crickets than your lizard will normally eat into the habitat at once. Each and every day you should check under all the items in the habitat and take out the excess crickets, and all the half eaten carcasses. Crickets tend to decompose very quickly, and dead crickets are a health concern to your lizards. Put a small piece of fruit in the habitat for the crickets to eat. Crickets also tend to drown in the smallest amounts of water. Due to this, you should place an item in the middle of your lizards water dish, so crickets can escape a watery death.

Mice and other Rodents

You should always use frozen prey when feeding rodents to lizards. Live rodents can be especially vicious when threatened, and can actually kill your lizards. Read this article on Feeding Lizards Frozen Prey to learn more about the proper methods for using frozen rodents.


Lizards will occasionally eat fish in the wild. You should only feed your lizards freshwater fish as saltwater fish have an extraordinarily high salt content. Learn more about feeding lizards Freshwater Fish with our article.


Certain kinds of worms, like mealworms, silkworms, and butterworms, are common secondary food for carnivorous lizards. Some lizards will also eat the common earthworm or larvae found in your garden. Use rubber tipped tongs to feed earthworms to your lizard, as worms that are let loose will eventually bury themselves in the substrate. Smaller worms like mealworms or butterworms can be placed in a shallow dish. Make sure the dish has an edge on it to prevent the worms from crawling out.

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