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Picking Up and Holding Lizards

There are many reasons you may, at one point or another, need to pick up and hold a lizard. Some reasons are cutting the claws, force-feeding, removing skin, and for treatment of illnesses.

Holding Small or Medium Lizards

Make sure to grasp the lizard quickly when taking hold of them. They can be very quick, and grasping any other part of the body can potentially be damaging. Hold the head of the lizard between your thumb and forefinger, making sure they can not turn their head to bite. Only use as much force as necessary, as these creatures can be fragile. With this hold, it lets you hold the front legs between your other fingers as well. With your other hand, place your palm on the lizards back. With your fingers, hold the rear legs and point them towards the tail of the lizard. This way, the lizard can not bite and/or scratch you, and can not whip around.

Holding Large Lizards

Two people should always be present when picking up and holding large lizards. The first person should grasp the lizards tail with their dominant hand, and the neck with their non-dominant hand. If the lizard is aggressive, or just too large, the tail should also be held between your legs. The second person should apply treatment or whatever needs to be done.


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