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Hygiene Tips for Lizards

Keeping your lizards hygiene at optimum levels is a must for healthy development. Your lizards environment can and will have serious effects on their health. If fecal and insect matter is not cleaned up everyday, the build up can ultimately cause fungal and bacterial growths. Remember, this is not a wild animal. They do not have the luxury of being able to go elsewhere to eat and defecate. Constant cleaning can be tiresome, but is a must for lizard husbandry.

Some lizards do not require a specific substrate. Newspaper, paper towel or similar material can be laid on the floor of the enclosure. This allows easy and quick clean up of the bottom. Once every two weeks, the entire habitat should be cleaned with a 5% bleach solution. Make sure to remove any smell of bleach before returning the lizard to its home.

Many lizards require a substrate like gravel, sand, soil, peat moss, wood chips or similar flooring. It makes it difficult to clean properly, but must still be done. Consider the time it takes to clean the cage before you purchase your lizard.


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