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Toilet Training Large Lizards

Some large lizards, like iguanas, can be toilet trained if started from a very early age. It is important to start them early, as larger lizards are very impressionable, and they need to get used to going in the same spot.

Lizards will be easier to train when they are calm, so if your lizard is still afraid of you, it will be very difficult to train. Be diligent though! You need to keep trying for your lizards to get used to going in the same spot.

The easiest way to 'potty' train your lizard is to use a shallow pan of warm water. Water is a natural toilet for lizards, as they tend to defecate in water regularly. Wait until your lizard has warmed up by basking for a while in the mornings. Place them in warm water up to their 'armpits'.

You may also be successful in getting your large lizards to use newspaper on the ground. As long as you are diligent in your efforts and get them to defecate in the same spot over and over, they will begin to think of that spot as their bathroom.


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