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Lizard Care While On Vacation

If you are going on an extended vacation, it is a must to have someone check in on your lizards from time to time. In ideal circumstances, this person would have some knowledge about lizards, or even be an experienced lizard keeper already. You must get ready and supply a list of the particulars for your lizard. Even experienced keepers will not know the specifics for caring for your own lizards. Leave well detailed instructions, and go over them with the caretaker before you leave.

It is important to note that not only does your caretaker need to know about the animal, but the equipment as well. If something should burn out or fail, there needs to be replacements (bulbs, etc.) or alternatives available to them.

Make sure the habitat is not in a location where sunlight will fall onto it during the daylight hours. This can cause unwanted overheating.

You can drop the temperature slightly (6 degrees F to 9 degrees F) to reduce aggressive behavior and create a period of decreased activity in your lizards. This will result in less feedings needed, and less excrement to be picked up.

Due to the decreased temperature, water will evaporate more slowly. This means that mistings will need to be less frequent than usual, but any water dishes still need to be changed daily. Make sure your keeper is well aware of this fact, as water is still vitally important to the continued health of your lizard.

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