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Egg Binding in Female Lizards

There are several things that can result in egg binding, but there is no clear answer. Disturbances during egg laying, improper habitat, poor care and poor nutrition can all result in egg binding.


Your lizard will be moving around the bottom of her habitat, just like healthy, gravid lizards. However, she will continue digging previously dug holes. Her body will be enlarged, misshapen, and bumpy. The eggs may be visible to the naked eye. You will be able to feel the eggs in her abdomen as well.


Take your lizard to the vet immediately. Egg binding can cause death, and treatment should start in the early stages. The vet will give your lizard a shot of oxytoxin (a hormone) to induce the egg laying process. The vet may try the oxytocin a couple times. If the shot is not successful, the eggs will have to be removed through surgery. Most vets will tell you the prognosis is guarded for surgery, which means they can not guarantee survival. Surgery is a must at this stage however, as eggs still in the womb will decay, and the lizard will die.

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