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Intestinal Prolapse

Intestinal Prolapse is not a very common problem for lizards. There is not one single cause. The two most common causes are internal parasites, and the hard pushing of dry feces.

If your lizard suffers from intestinal prolapse, you will notice changes to their cloaca. It will look pushed out, like a small lump underneath. In extreme cases, the intestine will actually be on the outside of your lizards body.

If you notice your lizard has these symptoms, take them to the veterinarian immediately. They will first rinse the affected area with a solution, often using Betadine. Secondly, they will massage the prolapsed intestine, slowly working it back into the body. If the intestinal prolapse is severe and shows signs of inflammation, an antibiotic cream must be applied daily. The veterinarian will tape up the cloaca with a small piece of cotton, and your lizard will not be able to eat for one to two weeks to allow the intestine to heal.

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