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Metabolic Bone Disease in Lizards

Metabolic Bone Disease is one of the most common diseases of lizards, especially Chameleons. It is a weakness in the bones due to a lack of development. It is caused by a lack of calcium in the diet, lack of UVB lighting, too little vitamin D and excessively high temperatures (spurring growth too quickly).


The bones of the lizard will be malformed, curved and swollen. The joints of the lizard will be the most swollen. Your lizard will seem very lethargic and will not move much. When they do, it will be clear that they struggle to do so, and are in pain.


The causes of Metabolic Bone Disease need to be avoided. Make sure to follow calcium and multi-vitamin feeding schedules for your type and age of lizard. Always maintain the proper temperature in the habitat, while providing proper daytime cycles of full spectrum UVB lighting.

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