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The grey-white feces of the parasites will be visible on the skin of the lizard and later the black pinhead sized mites will be seen moving around. Generally the mites will bite the softer skin of its host which is below the scales. The most common consequence of a mite infestation is the stress and weakness from itching. However in some cases it can be much more serious as they can cause perforations in the skin of the lizard. If the mite infestation is extremely bad death can result.


If a mite infestation has already occured before you obtain the lizard it will be necessary to bath your lizard in a 0.2% Neguvon solution for several hours. If the mites have been on the lizard while in its terrarium it is also necessary to clean the entire enclosure. Mites are concealed very easily in plants and decorations within the terrarium so pay particular attention to those areas. Again it is recommended to use a 0.2% Neguvon solution and spray this into the cage. After two weeks it will be necessary to repeat the process to ensure the extermination of the mites.

Caution: Neguvon should not be used on Geckos with larger skin wounds as they generally will not be able to tolerate this.

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