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Mouthrot is an inflammation or infection of the mouth of your lizards. This is normally caused by malnutrition, but has also been linked to trauma following an injury. Mouthrot is also known as 'jaw suppuration'.


The easiest mouthrot symptom to recognize will be your lizard keeping their mouth slightly open. Mucus will also build up on the inside and at the corners of their mouths. There may also be small pinkish patches of skin on the inside, loose teeth may be seen, and a bad smelling breath.


In most cases, a systemic antibiotic will need to be applied. You can also disinfect the affected areas by applying a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, following with a Betadine solution. The best course of action will be to take your lizards to the veterinarian. They may take a sample of the mucus to help determine the exact course of action to be taken, and the correct antibiotics to apply. While your lizards nourishment is down, feed them a multivitamin supplement, being careful not to overdose them with it.

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