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Pneumonia in lizards, just like with humans, is caused by improper temperature conditions. The most common cause is higher than required temperature levels, not providing a range of temperature, and not dropping the temperature at night. Constantly dropping the temperature too low at night can also cause pneumonia.

If you believe your lizard has pneumonia, there are signs you can watch for to be sure. Your lizard will be moving slower than normal, and will not cover as much ground during the day as they would normally. They will also more apparent physical symptoms such as mucus in their mouths, bubbles in the nostrils, breathing problems and holding their mouths open.

You must take your lizard to a veterinarian right away. They will administer antibiotics, and most likely keep your lizard on a week long antibiotic treatment. Pneumonia can be fatal, but early recognition can save your lizards life. In addition to the antibiotics, you should make sure your lizard gets daily multi-vitamins.

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