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Skin Necrosis

Skin Necrosis occurs when the regular healthy skin of the lizard begins to die.


There are two main causes of Skin Necrosis. The first and more common cause is improper shedding. If your lizard has a patch of dead skin on their body for a long period of time, the skin underneath can not breathe. This will eventually cause the skin underneath to die. It will look black afterwards, and this area of your lizard is actually 'dead.'

The second reason is abscesses on the skin. Both of these reasons can be attributed to either improper nutrition, improper lighting (make sure to use full-spectrum UVB), or unhealthy living conditions.


The dead skin can be removed by giving your lizard a warm bath. Soak the area of skin in water, which should loosen the piece. It can then be removed. If it does not come off, take your lizard to the vet. If an abscess is the problem, the vet will inject it with a disinfectant, and give the lizard an antibiotic salve.

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