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Breeding Tokay Geckos

The best way to breed Tokay Geckos is to reproduce the conditions of their natural habitat during the mating season.

You can start by increasing the humidity in their habitat, which will make it more like spring time. You should also increase their daylight period by 1 to 2 hours, as it does naturally increase during the spring. Offering a wider variety of food items, and extra calcium with all food, completes the major changes you can control. The calcium is very important, as your Tokay Gecko will need it to develop strong eggs.

Like some other Geckos, the female Tokay Gecko will lay her eggs on the sides of their habitat. The normal clutch size is two, but clutches of three have also been seen. You should add removable decoration in an attempt to get your Tokay Gecko to lay her eggs on them, as they can be removed for incubation. If the eggs are laid on the walls, do not remove them as you will damage the eggs.

Once the eggs are in an incubator, the normal time to hatch is 90 to 120 days. Keep the eggs on slightly dampened substrate. Many breeders use a vermiculite type substrate. The temperature in the incubator should remain between 80 to 85 degrees F. The sex of the Tokay Gecko is dependant on the temperature when incubating, and higher temperatures will lead to higher male births.

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