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General Breeding Information for Lizards

Before actually breeding lizards, special care needs to be taken for both the male and the female. Some species will mate under most circumstances, but some species will require adjustments to their environment. Shortening the daylight in the summer months, and lengthening the daylight in the winter months is a start. This simulates natural environment weather patterns. If these conditions are not met, debilitation can occur, especially in females. Make sure you research the specific needs of your lizard.

It is always a good idea to spay or neuter your lizards, especially if they are a larger species. This will avoid any complications in the future. For females, egg laying, and complications due to pregnancy, can easily cause death.

The majority of lizard species lay eggs. These can either be soft and leathery, or hard shelled. It depends on the species of lizard. There are also some lizards that give birth to live young, such as the Blue Tongued Skink.

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