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Gold Dust Day Gecko

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The Gold Dust Day Gecko (Phelsuma laticauda laticauda) is a diurnal species of gecko, and actually a subspecies of the Broad-tailed Day Gecko. Their natural habitat is in northern Madagascar, where it commonly lives in trees and throughout urban areas. It has also been seen on several of the islands that make up Hawaii.

The Gold Dust Day Gecko grows to lengths of about 13 cm, which puts them in the category of small to mid-sized geckos. Their colours range from a really bright green to yellow (with green markings), with blue eyelids. Some specimens have been seen with blue as the primary colour as well. All Gold Dust Day Geckos specimens sport yellow speckles ("gold dust") along their backs just behind their heads. They have rust-coloured markings on their nose, and three red streaks along their lower back.

Their primary food sources are insects and the nectars of fruits. They also eat a variety of invertebrates and other small lizards. Groups of Gold Dust Day Gecko can often be seen grouped together licking the pollen and nectar from the same flower or fruit.

The male Gold Dust Day Gecko is almost always extremely aggressive, and very territorial. They do not allow other males to venture into their territory, and will fight the other on sight.



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