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Green Anole

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The Green Anole (Anolis carolinensis) can be found in abundance in the southeastern United States of America. They are also quite common in some of the northern Caribbean countries. It is also referred to as the Carolina Anole, American Anole and even the American Chameleon. They are not chameleons at all, but do in fact have color changing abilities.

Green Anoles are a small to medium size lizards with the males reaching 22 cm, and the females reaching 16 cm. Their color ranges from bright green to a dark brown. Similar colors are seen in both the male and female as well. The bright green color can result from proper temperatures, calm demeanors and low stress levels. When Green Anoles are frightened or stressed, they will turn darker shades of green then darker shades of brown. Female Green Anoles will also have a white line down the middle of their back. These lizards will also have a bright green or almost blue ring around their eyes.

The male Green Anole has a dewlap, which is extended around other males for territorial purposes, or used during courtship to attract the female. When these displays are occuring, the Green Anole will also bob their heads up and down, and lift their bodies up and down as well.

Read this Green Anole Care Sheet for captive care information for these lizards.

These Green Anole Pictures show you what these small lizards look like.



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