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Red Headed Agama

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The Red Headed Agama, also known as the Red Headed Rock Agama, Common Agama, and Rainbow Agama, is native to Africa. Their scientific name is Agama agama (see classification below). These lizards live in groups of ten to twenty, normally staying in unsettled areas, but have migrated into urban areas as well.

What does the Red Headed Agama look like?

Rainbow Agamas are a medium-sized lizard, growing to lengths of about 13 inches to 15 inches. During the cooler times of the day, and at night, their color is a dark brown hue. When it gets warmer during daylight hours, the color of the male Red Headed Agama changes to blue and red-orange. The blue is on the body while the extremities and head are orange. The female Red Headed Agamas are always shades of brown.

Red Headed Agama photo   Common Agama picture   Rainbow Agama photo   Red Headed Rock Agama thumbnail

The males color may also change based on mood, with aggression being the primary emotion initiating change. The group of lizards are led by a single dominant male. Fights ensue when a strange male comes across the group, and challenges the leader for dominance. When this occurs, the color of the males head will turn brown and white spots will appear across their backs.

Read all about caring for a Red Headed Agama in captivity with our Red Headed Agama Care Sheet.

You know more about this lizard, now take a look at these Red Headed Agama Pictures.


Where does the Red Headed Agama live?

Red Headed Agama population range map

Red Headed Agama Classification

- Kingdom: Animalia
 - Division: Chordata
  - Class: Sauropsida
   - Order: Squamata
    - Suborder: Iguania
     - Family: Agamidae
      - Subfamily: Agaminae
       - Genus: Agama
        - Species: Agama agama

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