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Savannah Monitor

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The Savannah Monitors home in the wild extends through central Africa from coast to coast, ranging from Senegal to Eritrea and as far south as the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This monitors name can be confusing, as it is also used to describe a few other monitor species that commonly live in savannahs. The scientific name of the Savannah Monitor is Varanus exanthematicus.

The original name of this lizard species was 'Bosc's Monitor'. Because of the confusion with its current name, this monitor is still quite commonly called the Bosc's Monitor.

The Savannah Monitor is a very strong species of lizard, with especially well-developed muscles in their limbs which they use for digging and burrowing. They grow to an average length of 4 feet to 5 feet. Their diet in the wild consists of many insects, like millipedes and giant crickets, also scorpions, birds, other lizards and small mammals.

When a Savannah Monitor bites, venom passes from the monitor to the animal, but it does not inject its venom like a snake. The monitors venom surrounds and pools on their teeth, and enters the open wound made when the teeth enter the preys flesh.

The Savannah Monitor Pictures will give you an idea of the size of these lizards.

Savannah Monitors are only recommended for experience lizard keepers. Learn about caring for these lizards with our Savannah Monitor Care Sheet.


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