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Yinnietharra Rock Dragon

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The Yinnietharra Rock Dragon (Ctenophorus yinnietharra) is a lizard that is a part of the Agamidae family, or Agamas. They are endemic to the western parts of Australia.

Growing to lengths of about 8 cm, the Yinnietharra Rock Dragon is a red-brown in color, featuring a dark brown stripe from their ear to below their eye and a dark patch on the sides of their neck. Their coloration gets lighter down their body, complete with an orange-brown tail that has four black bands of color.

The IUCN lists the Yinnietharra Rock Dragon as being 'vulnerable'.

Where does the Yinnietharra Rock Dragon come from?

The Yinnietharra Rock Dragon is only known in two small locations in Western Australia. One is 5 km east of Yinnietharra Station, with the other being about 25 km southwest.

Yinnietharra Rock Dragon Distribution Map

What type of habitat does the Yinnietharra Rock Dragon live in?

The Yinnietharra Rock Dragon tends to stay in open areas with tall shrubs, and also areas featuring granite outcroppings with Acacia shrubs growing around them. They will bask in the sun on the granite or on branches of the Acacia shrubs. Yinnietharra Rock Dragons have also been found hiding in dead Acacia logs.

Yinnietharra Rock Dragon Classification

- Kingdom: Animalia
 - Division: Chordata
  - Class: Reptilia
   - Order: Squamata
    - Family: Agamidae
     - Genus: Ctenophorus
      - Species: Ctenophorus yinnietharra

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