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Lizard Care and Information

Sailfin Lizards

Fish Pond Info  

General Lizard Information

Backyard Nature - Lizards  

General Reptile Information

Wrapped Up In Reptiles
Caresheets for your pet reptiles, amphibians and small animals. Feeding and habitat information.


Bearded Dragons

A1 Bearded Dragons
Specializing in the highest quality color morphs available on the Bearded Dragon market today!
Calico Dragons
Providing Superior Bearded Dragons in the most rare of morphs. We have true Reds, High Orange, Pure Yellows, Marketed Leucistic's, Translucents and many more.
Colour morph bearded dragon breeders and suppliers in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Randall's Reptiles
Randall's Reptiles is a family owned and operated business located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. We specialize in the care and captive breeding of inland bearded dragons (pogona vitticeps). We have a very large and diverse collection of bearded dragons, hand picked from leading breeders throughout North America.
Wolves Den Dragons
Born and Raised in Newfoundland

Leopard Geckos

Big Rock Reptiles  
We are a family based in East London that have been keeping and breeding leopard geckos for over 6 years.
St. Paul Leopard Gecko Breeder
Quality Leopard Geckos and Prices located in Alberta, Canada.

Various Species

A1 Reptiles
Specializing in the highest quality color morphs available on the reptile market today.
Lizard Lair
Captive bred Leopard Geckos and Bearded Dragons. Featuring the following leos: Raptor, Aptor, Mack Snow, Blazing Blizzard, Tangerine, line bred Snow. High red orange bearded dragons.
Strictly Exotics
Strictly Exotics is a care and breeding centre located in Tayside, Scotland.

Lizard Societies & Clubs


Monaro Amphibian & Reptile Keepers (MARK)

Lizard and Pet Supplies

United Kingdom

Leading reptile specialist in West Yorkshire
Pets Products & Pet Accessories from Animal Instinct UK
Animal Instinct UK Pet Shop brings you innovative quality pet products and pet supplies for Cats or Dogs, Rodents or Reptiles - direct to your door!

Lizard Shows and Expos


St. Jacob's Reptile Expo
This Reptile Expo features a wide variety of reptile breeders, dealers, retail stores, rescues and educational groups from all over Southern Ontario.

Pet Rescue and Adoption

Pet Guardian Angels of America
A national pet rescue and adoption assistance service also offering general and health related articles and resources for all types of pets.
In The Gecko
Amphibian & Reptile Rescue

Related-to-Lizard Links

The Dragon - Here Be Dragons
Detailed information about dragon history, life-cycle, physiology, and much more.

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