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Lizard Information


Learn about the differences in body types from lizard to lizard and know more about the uses of their tails, tongues and other lizard anatomy.

Behavior and Characteristics

Understanding the behavior of your lizards, and the characteristics that define them will help you take care of your lizards, and ensure long, healthy lives.

Breeding Lizards

General Information for the breeding/mating of lizards.

Breeding - Live Food

Breeding insects (crickets, roaches, etc), rodents and other lizard food.

Care Sheets

Care sheets for lizards and feeder insects. Know everything specific to your lizard to provide a healthy and happy life.

Care and Maintenance

Basic care and maintenance information for all lizards.

Diseases, Sickness & Complications

Spotting Diseases and Sickness early can save the life of your lizard. If they do become sick, know more about the treatment.

Families of Lizards

Taxonomical hierarchy on the 30 Families of Lizards; breaking it down right to the species.

Feeding Lizards

Food, nutrition, and vitamins essential for healthy growth.

In The News

Lizards create their own share of news around the world. This sections contains News Releases relating to lizards.

In The Wild

How do these lizards live in the wild? Understanding a lizards natural habitat can help you take care of them properly.


Lists and descriptions of safe plants to use, and toxic plants to avoid, for lizard habitats.


You will come across many terms that you may not know the meaning of when looking through this site. Find out what they mean.


Watch videos about lizards covering a variety of topics.

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