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Asiatic House Gecko Care Sheet

Scientific Name: Hemidactylus frenatus

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The Asiatic House Gecko is nocturnal, meaning they are active during the nightime hours. The adhesive lamellae of these lizards do not cover the entire bottom of their feet, not extending to their toes.



Estimated Size: 6"
Natural Location: Southeast Asia; spread to many tropical areas.

Distribution Map

asiatic house gecko range
Captive Care Information

Food & Water

Their main diet will consist of insects. Feed them a varying diet of crickets, butterworms, silkworms, mealworms, and spiders. If your Asiatic House Gecko is large enough, baby mice can also be offered sparingly. Make sure to dust the food items with a multi-vitamin supplement. Your Geckos will lick water that collects on the glass and items in the habitat. Some Asiatic House Geckos tend to lick water from a shallow dish as well.

Lighting, Temperature & Humidity

Keep the daytime temperature in the habitat from 73 degrees F to 86 degrees F. At night, drop this range down to 68 degrees F to 77 degrees F. Humidity levels should remain constant around 80%. Use full spectrum UVB lighting along with a heat source; either an incandescent bulb or ceramic heat emitter.


A tall habitat is required for Asiatic House Geckos, as they like to climb. The overall habitat does not need to be very large however, with a minimum of 12" x 12" by 16" being sufficient. The bigger the better though. Fill the habitat with branches and leaves. Asiatic House Geckos will lay their eggs on the branches and other items, so make sure they are easy to remove (to transfer to an incubator). Use a semi-fine wood chip substrate.

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