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Golden Tegu Care Sheet

Scientific Name: Tupinambis teguixin ssp.

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Golden Tegus tend to be very aggressive, very strong lizards, and are not recommended for beginners. Over time, they do calm down, and can become tame if taken care of properly.



Natural Location: South America
Estimated Size: Up to 3'
Captive Care Information

Food & Water

You will want to provide your Golden Tegu with a varied diet, including meat, fruit, and eggs. Feed them frozen-thawed mice, and small rats. Any large insects can be offered as well. Always dust the food with a calcium or multi-vitamin supplement. Give your Golden Tegu a large and heavy bowl for soaking and drinking. Clean the water every day, especially if there is fecal matter in the water.

Lighting, Temperature & Humidity

Use a heat pad, incandescent lighting and/or a ceramic heat emitter to create a heat gradient in the Golden Tegus enclosure. The warm end of the habitat should be around 88 degrees F, while the cool end should be around 78 degrees F. Don't let the temperature fall below 70 degrees F at night. Use full-spectrum flourescent lighting for the needed UVB rays. Keep the lights on for 12 hours per day.


Golden Tegus need a lot of room. They are large lizards, and likewise need a large enclosure for adequate movement. A minimum size for a single Golden Tegu should be 5' x 3' x 2'. Provide a deep substrate for them to burrow. Also place a lot of branches, fake plants, and other hiding places for your Golden Tegu.


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