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Panther Gecko Care Sheet

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The Panther Gecko (Paroedura pictus) is becoming very popular to keep as a pet. They are also known as the Pictus Gecko, Ocelot Gecko and Madagascar Ground Gecko.

The Panther Gecko is a small nocturnal gecko native to the island of Madagascar. Panther Geckos are ground-dwelling lizards, spending their time among the leaf litter and downed trees on the forest floor. As mentioned they are quite small, growing to lengths of about 6 inches.

Feeding Your Panther Gecko

The Panther Gecko will eat mainly insects. Feed them a varied diet consisting of crickets, mealworms, small silkworms, etc. Never feed your Panther Gecko an insect that is larger than the width between their eyes. Make sure the insects are gut-loaded and dusted with a multi-vitamin supplement with every feeding when they are hatchlings, and every second feeding when juvenile. When your Panther Geckos become adults, feedings can be reduced to 3 or 4 times weekly, with dustings once a week.

Panther Geckos will get their water from lapping up drops from leaves or other items in the habitat. Some may lap water from a dish, and if you provide one make sure it is very shallow and heavy, to avoid it falling over.

Lighting, Temperature & Humidity

The temperature should range from 70 degrees F to 85 degrees F from end to end. Humidity levels should be maintained around 40% - 50%.

Panther Gecko Habitat

A 10 gallon habitat will suffice for a single Panther Gecko. For multiple Panther Geckos, increase the tank size 5 gallons for each additional gecko. Use Reptile Carpet, paper towel or a mulch type substrate, or a combination. Provide branches for climbing and hide boxes, and a seperate hide box for each different gecko. One of the hide boxes should also be kept moist, to increase humidity and help with shedding.


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