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Uromastyx Care Sheet

Scientific Name: Uromastyx spp

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Most Uromastyx specied come from desert to semi-arid areas and prefer a hot environment to live in.



Natural Location: India, Asia, Arabian Peninsula, the Sahara
Average Lifespan: Up to 50 Years
Estimated Size: Uromastyx aegyptius: Up to 30" and more; the rest reach up to about 14"
Captive Care Information

Food & Water

The Uromastyx is a omnivore. They should be offered a mixture of feeder insects and a salad. Waxworms, crickets, mealworms and superworms will suffice for the meat. The salad should consist of a wide variety of vegetables and fruit: greens, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, strawberries, corn, split peas, green beans and a bird seed mix. Most of their water will be consumed through their food. They may lick the water off the sides of the tank. You can offer a small amount of water in a bowl, but take caution not to leave the bowl in the tank. The high temperatures, coupled with the water, will raise the humidity.

Lighting, Temperature & Humidity

The Uromastyx are used to hot, arid desert conditions. You must offer a large heat gradient, as cool as 90 degrees F and as hot as 110 degrees F, with a basking spot that reaches around 120 degrees F. Maintain the heat gradient successfully by placing thermometers at either end of the enclosure. At night, the temperature should be around 80 - 90 degrees F. Do not let the temperature drop below 65 degrees F. These lizards live in the arid deserts, and therefore need no humidity. Use broad spectrum heat bulbs, and a flourescent or other bulb with UVB. Direct sunlight (not through glass) is recommended for natural vitamins.


A glass aquarium or wooden box should be used. The setup should represent a desert. Use playsand or dirt as a substrate making sure to include rocks and other outcroppings for climbing and basking spots. It is important to allow them to burrow under objects, so make sure they will not fall. Gravid Female Uromastyx's will want hiding places, so make sure to include hiding places.

Behavior & Temperment

You will find that like most lizards, the Uromastyx can be quite territorial. Mostly the male, but sometimes also the female, will defend their territory from other Uromastyxs, other lizard species, and other animals. You may also find that two males in captivity will tend to fight together. When this happens, losing the battle can have adverse effects on the male lizards health. Feeding may diminish and growth rates can be shunted. A male and a female Uromastyx can live comfortably together, although most keepers only introduce the two during the mating season.

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